The reason I focus on writing in English

This is Why I Don’t Write in Indonesian

3 min readApr 24, 2022


I’m Indonesian. But, why do I focus on writing in English? The reason is simple. I have already mentioned the reason in my article entitled “5 Books That Changed My Life”.

Before I focus on writing in English. I had the desire to focus on writing in Indonesian. When I first entered Medium, I posted my articles in 2 languages and focused more on writing in Indonesian.

After a few weeks. I found an obstacle. I had a hard time finding publications that focused on writing in Indonesian and I realized that too. That the opportunity to write in Indonesian was quite small. It’s very different from writing in English.

After much thought. I finally decided to focus on writing in English and delete my Indonesian works. With a focus on writing in English, the opportunity to write is greater. Citizens of any country can read my article, and this country that I love is no exception.

There are many things that I consider. One of them is low interest in reading in my country. It’s no secret that reading interest is low in this country. Research conducted by Central Connecticut State University in March 2016. Stated that Indonesia was ranked 60th out of 61 countries. Located under Thailand and above Botswana. In fact, in terms of infrastructure assessment to support reading. Indonesia’s ranking is above European countries.

I regret this. This country that I love has a low interest in reading. I often see the bad effect of low interest in reading in this country. People here prefer to see short snippets of videos or short excerpts of writing. Such habits often trigger negative sentiments. Don’t choose the source of the news and do not read the contents of the article.

People often misunderstand. This is because lazy to read the contents of the news. People tend to just read the title. Did not read the contents. So do not be surprised, often lead to misunderstandings. But to my surprise, they read only the title. But commenting like an expert. Get used to reading news content. What’s more, the news is vulnerable to negative sentiment. Then, make it a habit to also read from various sources and don’t comment if you don’t know the details. I always try to get used to this habit. To prevent yourself from negative things. When I share with other people, I always check the truth. So as not to spread hoax news.

Through this article, I also want to give a message to those of you who read my article. Don’t get used to consuming news by just reading the title. Then, do not read only 1 source. Finally, carefully select the source and check the correctness of the information submitted.

Take advantage of this sophisticated era with positive things. Avoid fake news. Pay attention to the news. Don’t comment if you don’t know the details. That way we will avoid negative things that can damage ourselves and others.

I also want to emphasize. Through this article, I just want to educate you all to be smarter in using the internet. I have no intention of offending anyone. I mention it based on the facts and available data.

I also thank New Writers Welcome for accepting me as a contributor. I learned a lot from the editors. They often give me constructive advice. So, it helps me to improve the quality of my writing.

I am very happy to have this opportunity. I always try to make good use of this opportunity. I try to improve the quality of my writing and try to provide useful information for the readers. To be educational and useful for your life. That way, I will feel happy because I can share something useful with others.

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