It Will Be Good for You and Your Mental Health

Keeping secrets doesn’t always have a negative impact on you, as long as it’s in the right proportions. But, if the hidden secret becomes a burden on your mind and interferes with your mental health, it will be bad for you.

But if the secret managed well by you, then it will be good for you and your mental health. Some ways to manage secrets well so as not to interfere with your mental health are as follows:

Only Tell People You Trust

Talking to people you trust can reduce the burden on your mind, in that way you can also get out what is bothering you. And by doing this, you can also get solutions to your problems from people you trust. In fact, it’s not the only solution you can get. You can also get support from him and share stories. So that you don’t feel alone anymore when you face a problem. And this is very good for your mental health.


Writing is often used as an activity to express all the feelings felt by introverted people. By writing they feel better and they feel less burdened. Although, most people underestimate this activity. In fact, they are the only ones who do not understand this activity. So it is not surprising that they underestimate this activity. Some think that writing is only an activity taking notes at school. In fact, writing activities are not only for taking notes at school. Write more than that.


Contemplating to think about everything you want to say is very good. So, you don’t say anything wrong and have a bad effect on yourself. You have to get in the habit of thinking before you act. Don’t reverse it, because it’s wrong.

Those are a few tips to be able to manage the secret so as not to interfere with mental health. But, our main discussion is not that. Our core discussion is a secret that will impact both us and our mental health.

Again and again, I get this from the books I read, not the result of writing or making things up. And I also do it this and it indeed useful for life. So, I want to share with you all so that the knowledge I learn is even more useful for me, because I can share it with you. Come on, straight to the point.

When you start a new journey in your life to achieve your goals, it’s a good idea to keep it a secret to others. Lhooo, did you say keeping secret is not good for us? Look, not everything that we keep secret is not good for us. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your mind and mental health, it will be fine. Then, what is the reason we better keep our secrets about the new journey of our lives? Well, here are some reasons that make sense and you can practice direct in your life.

Avoiding the negative opinions of others

People who don’t understand your purpose in life are likely to comment negatively. On what you do to achieve your goals. Moreover, what you do happens to be contrary to their habits. So that in the end your enthusiasm will be made to recede because of negative comments from other people. Other people often immediately comment without looking deeper. They tend to ignore your reasons for doing that and only comment from a narrow perspective.

Avoid red oceans

In the world of red ocean business it is not foreign to hear. Red ocean is a condition where two or more businesses are fighting for market share. So, the competition is getting tougher. I make an analogy with this because the core is the same. Keep in mind, we avoid competition does not mean we can not compete. Sometimes it’s better to keep it a secret than to announce it. Because if a lot of people find out and if one of them gets jealous, that’s going to be bad. What we worry about is this envious person, hindering our progress. So it’s better if we keep it a secret. But remember, this is the context of your life goals or plans to change your life. So, not everything you have to keep a secret.

Creating serenity

Having that secret gives you a warm feeling and also avoids negative comments that will drain your mind. By keeping it a secret, you don’t have to think about things that are not important to your life.

Keeping a secret sometimes the best choice to maintain your mental health. With keeping a secret, you can avoid negative responses from other people. So, that you become calm and stress-free.

For your information, I got this from the book “The Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar”. I hope it can educate all you who read and also be useful for your life.

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