Praise is Good To Do, But Praise Also Has A Way

You must have complimented someone. Praise is to say something positive to someone. Praise takes many forms. There are compliments about the physique, habits, the work someone made, the clothes someone wears, and many other forms of praise.

Praising someone is a good thing. With praise, someone will feel more appreciated and motivated to do better. However, not everyone who gets complimented will try to do better.

But there is something you need to remember. Don’t let you praise the A by dropping the B. When you want to lift someone. You have to make sure you do that without bringing other people down.

Praise is good to do, but praise also has a way. You have to think about how it affects the feelings of the person you want to compliment. Most people will respond positively to compliments. However, that is not always the case.

There are people who, when praised, actually feel offended. There are 2 possibilities about this. Either he’s sensitive or in a bad mood. In essence, you should not always expect your compliment will always be responded to positively. Some people respond differently to compliments.

I once read a book that explained a little about the dangers of compliments. This book is my favorite book. I also mentioned this in my article entitled “5 Books That Changed My Life”. That book is Mindset by Carol Dweck.

The book explains that praising one’s abilities lowers one’s IQ. And praising one’s efforts increases one’s IQ. This sentence means that most people are trapped by compliments on their abilities. Cause the emergence of a fixed mindset. So, after being praised for their abilities they are like people who lose motivation. Don’t want to take risks and learn again.

They are busy thinking about what other people think of them. So, they are afraid of being considered incompetent by those who praise them. Don’t be trapped by the praise of your abilities, because this is dangerous. When you are praised by others, use the compliment as motivation for you. Don’t let you make praise as the endpoint of your efforts. Because it has been praised, you think there is no need to make repairs and improvements. If you do that. You are stuck in a fixed mindset.

The fixed mindset is the mindset of humans who don’t want to develop themselves. They think that talent is the main thing. People with this mindset are very busy looking for people’s confessions. If they fail, they always blame people. Throw the blame, and don’t want to self-evaluate their behavior. They always consider themselves intelligent from birth, thus making them lazy to study. And also keep in mind, don’t get caught up in arrogance, feel smart, feel great, and have other bad qualities. Because this is not very good for you.

Once praised, you should keep making repairs and improvements. Don’t worry about other people’s judgments. Whether they praise them or not, you have to keep moving forward. You must realize, the judgment of others is not you are in control. There will always be people who don’t like you, even if you do well. So the best advice is to ignore negative judgments about yourself.

This book also advises readers to be careful when praising children. Many parents initially intend to wake up their children’s spirits by praising their efforts. Instead, it backfired on them. Initially, he wanted to give appreciation to his children. But instead gave a trigger for the emergence of a fixed mindset.

This book teaches you to give priority to praising your efforts. Try asking what effort was passed. Praise him for his efforts. It’s worth more than just seeing the end result. Then praise the results.

I emphasize, this article doesn’t forbid you to praise others. This article only intends to remind you, to be more careful in praising someone.

Just because I’m writing this doesn’t mean I don’t like being praised. I always appreciate every compliment that comes my way. I use this compliment as motivation and always try to do better.

And also the good or bad impact of compliments that come to you. You decide. It all depends on how you react to it. Don’t get caught up in compliments.



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