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4 min readMay 7, 2022


I was born in a family with minimal financial education. But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned about finance. I learned finance through youtube content and through books. But, early learning. I go through youtube content. I will tell you the process I learned about investing.

By reading this article, you will gain knowledge.

  1. My process of learning investment from low risk to high risk.
  2. Lessons not to follow emotions when investing.
  3. My advice about investing is based on my experience.

Investment from a young age is important to ensure our old age. Financial investment and scientific investment, both are equally important. But the topic of my article discussion this time is about financial investment.

As I explained at the beginning of the article, I learned self-taught investing. Early learning, I went through youtube content. Through youtube I started to know what investment is. The first time I got to know to invest, I decided to deepen my knowledge about low-risk investments.

At that time, I studied mutual funds. Like you know. Mutual funds take many forms. Money market mutual funds, bond mutual funds, stock mutual funds, and fixed income mutual funds. At that time I was just investing in money market mutual funds. At that time I had not touched bonds and stocks, because I was still in the learning process.

After I learned about mutual funds. I started to learn about what peer-to-peer lending is. P2P Lending is a medium-risk investment. Again and again, I learn through youtube content. I am deep in knowledge about P2P Lending and looking for a legal platform in my country. At that time I started to get to know various P2P Lending platforms. Some are protected by insurance, some are not.

At that time I was very concerned about the TKB90. TKB90 is a benchmark to measure the success of the refund + interest promised to investors. The percentage of TKB90 for each platform is different. There are 86%, 92%, and some are 100%. But 100% this is protected by insurance. So, even if the borrower failed to pay. The platform provider will continue to pay investors with insurance.

Because of my high curiosity. I continue to find out more about the insurance protection provided by the platform provider. I find out what company insures. Then find out what companies are collaborating with the insurance company. After I find out, the name Sequoia appears. American venture capital.

A little relieved. The conclusion is a percentage of TKB90 is very dependent on insurance. Even though there are big companies that fund, everything has its limits. If many fail to pay, of course it will have an immediate impact. But, after I found out. The platform also continues to improve and tighten the process of borrowing funds. Thus, reducing the risk of fail to pay and making investors a little calm.

The platform I use is Asetku. After delving deeper, I immediately invested. I immediately invested my money. At that time I took a 3-month tenor. I forgot the interest percentage he promised. But, after 3 months. The promised money + interest has been paid by the platform provider. And that makes me relieved.

After learning P2P Lending, I started to venture out to learn stocks. This stock learning process takes longer than P2P Lending or mutual funds. As you know. In stocks, we have to learn fundamental and technical analysis. And also I am looking for a legal + user friendly platform. Then meet me with the Ajaib app. Before investing in stocks, I learned a lot. I do this to reduce the high risk.

After I studied stocks, I continued to study crypto. I also learned quite a lot in crypto at that time. Because I had previously studied stocks. So when you’re in crypto, you don’t learn too much. At that time, I was also looking for a legal platform in my country. I tried many platforms and finally, I decided to use Tokocrypto. Behind Tokocrypto is a well-known company with a very good reputation. The company I am referring to is Binance. After I found out about it, I became not worried about its safety.

Why am I not using Binance? The reason is clear, at that time I focused on finding a legal platform in my country. Binance is illegal in my country. Illegal because there is no licensing state agency that oversees it. Therefore, I use Tokocrypto. I stick with Tokocrypto because it’s the same as Binance. Only, the number of cryptocurrencies is different. However, Tokocrypto is constantly adding to its cryptocurrencies.

In crypto I have experienced losses, it happened because I followed my emotions. In the world of capital markets 80% emotion, 15% theory, and 5% luck. From this percentage, it is clear that emotions are very influential. I found this out after I had a loss. I was stressed at that time. But in the end I was able to accept and take it as a big lesson not to follow emotions.

I strongly suggest you not to follow emotions when you are in the world of capital markets. Because emotions can destroy everything. There have been many stories, of people committing suicide because they follow the emotions that cause them to go bankrupt. I read a lot of stories like this in the books I read. Therefore, control your emotions.

I hope my old experience can be useful for you. If you have other views, you can share them in the comments. I am very happy if these views can add to my insight.




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