Here Are Some Basic Exercises That Can Be Useful for Your Brain

You often hear advice, that we must think fast. The advice is not wrong, but if you think quick about every decision, it will cause problems. Thinking fast is good for solving problems, but it’s not always like that.

Thinking fast is good and there are many positive things that we get from thinking fast. We can quick make small decisions to solve the problem at hand by thinking quick.

But we need to remember that speed is not everything, quick thinking is good. But, it’s better if we do it careful. This will cut errors in decision-making and problem-solving. So as not to cause new problems that can have a bad impact.

Thinking fast can also trained. Here are some basic exercises that can done at any time:

Sharpen and stimulate the brain

Sharpen and stimulate the brain to think quick. For example, you try to do simple math or simple calculations. That way your brain will stimulated to think and respond quick.

Don’t Multitask

We must realize that our brains cannot do something at the same time. Even if you can, the results will be worse and it’s better to focus on one thing. For example, reading while eating. The reading activity continues as if there is no problem, but if you are careful and pay attention. What you read may not enter your brain, even worse, don’t enter your short-term memory. Only pass through your sensory memory. Activities such as reading while eating are not good, what you read may seem useless. Because you there also have to focus on chewing and taking food. So it’s better to choose one activity and do it one by one. If you want to do both, you do the Pomodoro technique.

Pay Attention to Your Sleep

According to experts, good sleep is 7–9 hours a day. Remember, don’t overdo it. Too much sleep is not good for your health.


Meditation can train focus, with high focus it can certain trigger the brain to think faster.

The 4 ways to train quick-thinking above are simple ways that can spur your brain to think fast. You can do this every day.

After we discuss the positive impact of quick thinking and how to practice it. We will also discuss slow thinking, slow thinking may be bad for some people. Daniel Kahneman does not recommend always thinking fast in every decision.

Quoted from the book Thinking, Fast, and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. He said.

“Most people’s biggest make is using quick thinking to make long-term decisions. Actually, slow thinking is much better suited for making important long-term decisions.”

For example:

  1. Decisions about the major you take in college,
  2. The career path you take,
  3. The person you want to marry,
  4. How you make a living,
  5. Save and invest money.

All that requires slow thinking.

Quote from the book written by Daniel Kahneman we can see that slow thinking is not bad. But, slow thinking is also needed to make long-term decisions.

By thinking slow:

  1. We can think about all the consequences we face,
  2. Cut mistakes due to making wrong decisions, and
  3. Increased caution because think from all aspects.

So from now onwards, ask yourself.

“This situation requires slow or fast thinking?”



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