Build a New Habits Using This Method

Kaizen in Japanese means improvement, change for the better, or continuous improvement. Kaizen is well-known for being a philosophy of business strategy for small and continuous changes.

But, kaizen can be used to cultivate new habits. Which is done little by little but often done.

Kaizen teaches a consistent mindset. With the kaizen method, you can have new habits. At first, you are lazy to do a habit. You can be diligent in doing these habits. Because of the addictive and curious effects caused by the kaizen method.

I will share, how I use the kaizen method. For example, I want to develop an exercise habit. I will exercise every day for 1 minute and ignore the quantity first.

After I was curious, because I felt it was too short to exercise for 1 minute. I increased the time to 5 minutes every day. I will do it everyday, without skipping a day.

Once I felt like 5 minutes was too short, I added more time and continued like that until exercise became a habit. Do it for 66 days. After 66 days. Usually, you will feel strange if you do not do these activities.

To start something that is not your habit. Don’t ever overdo it. Because of what? Because if you do it too much. You will feel discouraged and don’t want to do it again.

With this method, you focus more on consistently doing it and while ignoring the quantity. Pushup 3x every day, I think it’s better than pushup 20x. But only done once.

I’ve shared this method with my friends. He felt 3x pushup every day was useless. But, after I explained what it meant to do so. He just understood and agreed with my opinion.

For some people, doing 3 pushups a day is like doing something stupid. They think that way, because they don’t know what it means and what its purpose is. If they find out, I think they will change their view. But, if they still think the same. Forget it and just ignore it. Don’t think about it, it’s just a waste of energy. Just focus on the main goal, which is to build new habits.

Use the kaizen method to build new habits. The more good habits you do in life. The better you will get. I hope this is useful for your life. Don’t forget to apply it.



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